“So you’re telling me you wouldn’t protect one life because of a background check?”

“Quit — stop –quit proposing things that limit people’s rights that won’t address the problem!” Santorum snapped as Hinojosa shook her head in disbelief. “And the problem, you know very well, is young males and it is a multi-faceted problem and all the left want to talk about is one aspect.”

Raw Story

A 17 month old baby shot in the face.

The terrifying chain of events began when Texas state troopers tried pulling over a gold car mid-Saturday afternoon on Interstate 20 for failing to signal a left turn, Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger said. Before the vehicle came to a complete stop, the driver “pointed a rifle toward the rear window of his car and fired several shots” toward the patrol car stopping him. The gunshots struck one of two troopers inside the patrol car, Cesinger said, after which the gunman fled and continued shooting. Two other police officers were shot before the suspect was killed. The condition of the three law enforcement officers injured was not immediately released.

Common Dreams

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