Labor day 2019 and Trump on the attack

Labor Day is a holiday designed to honor America’s workers. Instead, Donald Trump continues to attack them. Indeed, his administration is in the midst of a stealth effort that not only attacks workers but also our earned Social Security benefits and our federal government. The long-term goals of Trump and his Congressional allies are to destroy the labor movement, wreck the federal government, and end Social Security.

Mike Pence gets skewered as Trump’s ‘chief bootlicker’ and exemplar of what some ‘hate’ about religion

Although there are many people of faith with a history of doing good work — from Bishop Desmond Tutu to Sister Mary Scullion to progressive journalist Chris Hedges — organized religion receives more than its share of terrible publicity because of all the reactionaries, bigots, hypocrites and extremists it attracts. And those hypocrites, journalist Timothy Egan stresses in a blistering op-ed for the New York Times, are why so many Americans are turned off to organized religion in 2019.


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