PAYROLL TAX REBATE and other trump bullchit…

There are four basic types of payroll taxes: federal income, Social Security, Medicare, and federal unemployment. Employees must pay Social Security and Medicare taxes through payroll deductions, and most employers also deduct federal income tax payments. The income tax deduction varies, depending on the employee’s withholding status, but all employees pay 15.3 percent of their earnings as FICA tax. Employers pay federal unemployment tax, and the IRS explicitly states that employers may not deduct this cost from their employees.

Unlike federal income tax that goes to the government’s general fund, FICA taxes fund only Social Security and Medicare program. The employee pays a 6.2 percent tax for Social Security expenses and 1.45 percent for Medicare. The employer must match the deduction and send the total amount to the IRS. Self-employed individuals pay 15.3 percent of their wages, which includes both the employer and employee portion of the tax.

During the 1930s, the Nazis painted German Jews as inherently disloyal to Germany ― using this stereotype and other racist arguments to justify the persecution of Jewish people that led to the Holocaust.

Jewish leaders quickly pointed out that accusing Jews of disloyalty is itself a common anti-Semitic trope. 

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, said Wednesday that charges of disloyalty long have been used to marginalize or attack Jewish people. He called the president’s comments anti-Semitic. 


…like he’s [TRUMP] the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God…But American Jews don’t know him or like him. They don’t even know what they’re doing or saying anymore. It makes no sense! But that’s OK, if he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’s good for…..

Trump’s campaign against Omar and Tlaib has relied on outright racism, near-daily attacks on Twitter, and, most recently, an unprecedented diplomatic push to bar both Democratic congresswomen from entering Israel. “They hate Israel & all Jewish people!” Trump tweeted last week, less than an hour before the Israeli government announced that it would block entry for Omar and Tlaib.

Amid Trump’s ongoing smears against the congresswomen, Trump himself was widely accused of engaging in anti-Semitism Tuesday when he declared that Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats possess “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”


The president is sick of “disloyal” American Jews, who apparently don’t know what’s good for them. But “Jewish people in Israel love him,” according to the crazed conspiracy theorist Trump quoted on Twitter.

It’s been an eventful 18 hours in the fevered mind of Donald Trump. Yesterday, the president unleashed an anti-Semitic rant in the Oval Office in which he declared that Jews who vote for Democrats are either uneducated or disloyal. Unfortunately, with about 70% of Americans Jews being registered Democrats, that’s a lot of disloyalty. So Trump looked elsewhere for answers, and lo, he found an unhinged supporter who says Israelis (the real Jews!) love Trump like the “King of Israel” and “the second coming of God.”


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