Something stinks to high heaven…

“A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men’s lives ends up dead in his jail cell. How predictably….Russian,” tweeted MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

“Something stinks to high heaven,” agreed former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) “How does someone on suicide watch hang himself with no intervention? Impossible. Unless….”

Actually, Epstein had been on suicide watch after an earlier incident on July 23, but was no longer.

Why not is one of the “serious questions that must be answered,” according to a statement from William Barr, who said he was appalled to learn of the death at a facility overseen by his Justice Department and was seeking an investigation.


New York Prosecutors Say Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Investigation Not Over

The multimillionaire financier was found dead in an apparent suicide while awaiting trial.

Questions have swirled around Epstein’s potential enablers ― well-connected friends and others close to him who may have known that he sexually abused young girls but did not intervene. The multimillionaire financier is known to have socialized with wealthy businessmen, heads of state including former President Bill Clinton, world-renowned scientists and celebrities including Naomi Campbell and Donald Trump, back when he was a real estate tycoon.

Huff Post

A few New York Times headlines

Even at a Time of Mourning, It’s Always About Trump – The New York Times

Shootings Spur Debate on Extremism and Guns, With Trump on Defense

Trump Uses a Day of Healing to Deepen the Nation’s Divisions

NY Times retracts Headline as they should…

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