Myth of the Good Guy with a Gun…

On Saturday night, a bad guy with a gun killed 9 Americans and wounded 27 others before the GOOD GUY with a Gun could take him down. Based on reports, the gunman killed the 9 Americans and wounded the 26 in a MINUTE or less.

In El Paso Texas, a bad with a gun killed 20 Americans and Mexican Nationals and wounded 26 more before the GOOD GUYS with guns could bring him under control.

Yes, the good guy with the gun prevented more than the 9 killed and more wounded, but that isn’t much consolation to the 9 who lost their lives, or the families, of the wounded who must now deal with the existential fact of being wounded… paying the hospital bills, being out of work, etc…


A 24-year-old white gunman opened fire in the Oregon District at about 1 a.m. Sunday, killing at least nine people ― including the shooter’s sister ― and injuring 27. The suspect, Connor Betts, was armed with a legally obtained rifle with high-capacity magazines and body armor when he carried out the massacre. Police killed him at the scene in “less than a minute,” according to Whaley.

Huff Post

If we want the killings to stop, Republicans must be defeated…

After Newtown, I had been sure that something would change. There was no way a civilized country could tolerate the massacre of tiny six-year-old children by a deranged young man with access to deadly mass killing machines. For a short while, it seemed that we had finally reached our limits. Republicans were shaken. The public was overwhelmed with grief and rage. I was wrong.


Fear of Trump is keeping FBI agents from investigating white nationalist threats: ex-FBI official

In a Washington Post report on how the FBI is dealing with homegrown terrorism, a former high-ranking official admitted that agents are reluctant to follow up on leads on white nationalists who may be plotting mayhem because of fears of how Donald Trump and his base might react.

Raw Story

Police “neutralized” the Dayton shooter in 30 seconds. He still shot 14 people.

The timeline is some of the strongest evidence yet that the “good guy with a gun” myth is just that.

In America, guns in general are a big problem. But the mass shooting that took place early Sunday in Dayton, Ohio, is the latest illustration that some guns are bigger problems than others — even in situations when law enforcement is able to respond to almost instantaneously.

According to Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl, the gunman who opened fire in the popular Oregon District in downtown Dayton around bar close time was “neutralized” by officers a mere 30 seconds after he fired his first shot. But largely due to the .223-caliber high-capacity rifle with 100-round magazines he was wielding, 30 seconds was all the time he needed to leave nine people dead and at least 27 others injured before he was killed by police. CNN, citing Dayton officials, reported that the gunman fired 41 shots in less than 30 seconds, and stuck 14 people with gunfire.


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