Lay out the Prosecution of Trump

the two nights of the next Democrat debate on July 30 and July 31 is now set. The names have been chosen by lot and the 20 participants must now prepare a strategy for the 7 or 8 minutes they will have to further acquaint themselves with the voter. The 2020 election is the most critical and important election in my lifetime. I was born in 1950. There is much more at stake than who occupies the residence on Pennsylvania Avenue. The Supreme Court is a primary reason why people of conscience must mobilize behind someone that can beat Trump. Someone on the last 2 nights in July must show me that he or she can prosecute Trump to convince Americans that Trump is not the person to vote for. Separate yourself from the other 19 candidates and be the buzz when analyst are talking about the debates on August 1.

Will the candidates spend their time foolishly bickering with the other Democrats on stage or will one of the candidates break out with a clear and concise strategy for the prosecution of Donald Trump?

While policy and positions of the candidate are important, If you want to get my attention, prosecute Trump. Lay out a cogent argument that exposes Trump for the Criminal, Obstructionist, Felon he is. If you are currently polling at 1 percent and want to see your poll numbers move up, prosecute Trump with a well thought out prosecution. Expose Trump for the adulterer, hush money paying Republican he is.

Mr. Inslee, prosecute Trump. Mr. Yang, prosecute Trump. Ms Gillibrand prosecute Trump. Ms. Gabbard, prosecute Trump. Prosecute Trump.

Never would I have thought that in my life time, a sitting President’s name would be mentioned in the same sentence as a child sex trafficking deviate. And not only is Mr. Epstein and Trump’s name mentioned many, many times, but the child molester, George Nader and Mr. Trump’s name is mentioned.

So, you one percenters on night 1 and on night 2, show me a strategy to prosecute Mr. Trump, not only for his criminal behavior but also his lack of moral essence that causes him to be unfit to be President.

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