Make Racism Wrong Again

When President Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, it was a great day in the History of the United States of America. America has come so far since the war to free human beings from slavery. Ten years later, after 2 years of Trump in the White House, I’m writing a post with the title of Make Racism Wrong Again.

I am retired. I am a visual, image oriented person. I consider myself to be a fairly good photographer. Fairly proficient with Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Pixelmator Pro, I create a lot of memes… in another life, if I had the drawing skills, I might have been a Political Cartoonist… but I don’t have those skills…so I create memes. I consider them to be a poor man’s political cartoon…

I post the memes mainly to Face Book using 7 or 8 groups that I am a member of. I post often and frequently. Too often. Only yesterday, one of the groups removed me as a member because of my frequent posting. But in the time of Trump I am motivated to respond to his non sense, his racism, and now by association, the Republican Party. The Republican Party is now a political party of racist, white nationalist and fascist.

I am not the best wordsmith. Capturing the correct word to convey the image in my head isn’t always easy. I can create an image, and the adage “an image is worth a thousand words,” is very accurate and in my opinion, an absolute.

I have not used my WordPress site in some time. I was posting some of my memes to twitter and then attaching them to a post on my web site because posting to twitter and then linking to my WordPress account doesn’t consume any of my allocated space, but posting to Facebook is so easy and using groups you have a ready audience of thousands… but mostly you are preaching to the choir because the groups are monitored by admins who don’t allow opposing attacks of opinion. So you are basically communicating with the base of Democrats who support your opinion…

I watch CNN and MSNBC through the day. My dog PI lays to my side patiently waiting for me to finish and maybe give her a treat of frozen watermelon and blue berries. Or better still, a trip to the Play Wash Pint to romp with the other dogs, fetch blue rubber balls and me having one of my favorite IPA beers, Sweet Water IPA. I have only one because I am driving, but she has 30 or 40 minutes to play with the other dogs, and fetch rubber balls in the fetching space.

I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 7 black and a DJI iPhone gimbal. I used the GoPro daily for a month or so, but news of Trump forces me to respond in kind the only way I can. I’m not a Tom Styer with a billion dollars and a hundred million dollars exposing Trump for the slimy human being he is. I do admire Tom Steyer’s passion in exposing Trump and demanding that Trump be impeached. I think my passion to expose Trump as an unAmerican draft dodger is every bit as strong as Tom Steyer’s passion.

So I create memes and post to facebook groups…

This post is about my disgust with the inappropriate person who currently lives in the White House, and my motivation to expose him for the criminal, un-American, adulterer, hush money paying, obstructionist, Russian liar he is.

I’m a veteran. I was in the same draft that Trump evaded with bone spurs. The draft dodger president among all the descriptions that can be used to describe him. The worse President ever in American history.

I’m not going to write anything about Trump that you probably don’t already know. I am amazed that any American can support Trump much less vote for him. The foundation that a Trump supporter bases his or her choice is that he is a Racist? Is this what they like about Trump? Maybe what they like about Trump is that he is a liar, having told more than 10,000 lies to Americans. Maybe it’s the fact that Trump paid hush money to a porn star and to another woman he committed adultery with while married to our current First Lady. I guess the reason some Americans support and vote for Trump is the fact that Trump was the Russian choice to be President. Why any Veteran would support and vote for a KNOWN draft dodger also baffles me. Don’t take my word, the numerous allegations against Trump that cause him to be UNFIT to be President are well documented.

Now we are in the midst of a primary to select someone to challenge Trump in the 2020 election. Democrats have more than 20 candidates wanting the honor to take on Trump. Trump is trying to motivate his base with Racist chants at his campaign rallies. Trump drew to an inside straight in 2016 winning the electoral college but losing the actual vote by more than 3 million votes. He won the election by about 70,000 votes n 4 states, and some people think he can win again.

What we need in the Democrat nominee is someone who will create a narrative laying out Trump’s many short comings… prosecute Trump for the unAmerican criminal he is.

Make Racism Wrong Again

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