“Jesus was a Socialist Jew from the Middle East”

All we really want to do is SAVE the planet for future generations.

“They want to take your pickup truck. They want to rebuild your home. They want to take away your hamburgers,” former White House aide Sebastian Gorka declared at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. “This is what Stalin dreamt about but never achieved.”

Trump, his protégées and his supporters can’t have an honest conversation and dialogue about issues that confront America, Americans and the planet today. If they have a conversation about issues, they lose. They lose because the group of people they target with their message simply can’t manage difficult issues. The supporters of Trump can’t wrap their poorly educated, simple minds around complex ideas. It’s all about the boogeyman.

Therefore the Trumpist discussion of complex issues degrades into name calling, lies, innuendo, misrepresentation of facts, and they dumb down the issue into simplistic terms that Trump supporters can understand. “They want to take away your hamburgers.” How simple minded do you have to be?

Nothing of substance is being discussed at the CPAC get together. There is no conversation about America’s CRIMINAL President. There are plenty of growls and howls about the “Socialist” Democrats, however… and the boogey man or woman as the case may be.

Most of the participants at the CPAC get together claim to be Christian… you know, “we follow the teachings of Jesus.” This begs this question for me, “Is Jesus a Socialist?” I wrote initially, “Was Jesus a Socialist?” I changed the question to, “Is Jesus a Socialist?” And this is why: Yes, to identify the character of Jesus you have to look at the Jesus of biblical times. However, if you believe in Jesus, then Jesus still exist and we all will join him someday in his heavenly kingdom.

Was Jesus a socialist when he existed on this planet in flesh and blood form? I purchased a T Shirt recently with a quote on the front. The quote is simply, “Jesus was a Socialist Jew from the Middle East.”

We know Jesus was a Jew and that Jesus lived in the Middle East. To brand Jesus as a Socialist is a more difficult task. Socialism didn’t exist as a formal process, a socio-economic/political system when Jesus walked across the Sea of Galilee. Leon Trotsky puts it this way, ‘Socialism, if it is worthy of the name, means human relations without greed, friendships without envy and intrigue, love without base calculation’. Socialism, a primarily egalitarian system, has as its central point equality of outcome.

Jesus was a man of the mass of people who were barely the surviving poor. He advocated for a humanity that didn’t possess a lot of wealth. But Jesus was looking at another kingdom not of this earth and this kingdom is all about equality. The heavenly kingdom Jesus talks about will be very socialistic, and there are going to be a lot of Trumpist Christians who, when they get to heaven are going to be really, really pissed and may wish they went to HELL!

So, anyway, I wear my “Jesus was a Socialist Jew from the Middle East” T shirt proudly.

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