Is the Best Picture chosen really the BEST PICTURE?


A thought about The Shape of Water winning Best Picture…

One Question: Why?

I haven’t seen The Shape of Water, or any of the other movies nominated. There must be tangible reasons The Shape of Water is considered to be the best picture of 2017… the movie garnered 13 nominations and won 4… Best Movie, Best Director, Best Score, Best production design.

The Shape of Water wins Best Movie, so I would expect the movie to also win some of the primary elements that make up a movie. Best Male Actor maybe… or Best Female Actor … but no, this didn’t happen. The movie won NONE of the best acting awards….

…The Shape of Water not winning any acting awards is interesting for another reason…. the movie won the Best Director award…
According to Wikipedia, A film director is a person who directs the making of a film. A film director controls a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects and visualizes the screenplay (or script) while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision.

So you would think if a movie won Best Director at least one of the actors directed by the “Best Director” also won an award… not the case for The Shape of Water….

… The MOVIE winning as best movie and best director surely won one of the following:  best screen play (adapted or original)… best Editing… Visual effects, Cinematography, Sound Editing or Sound Mixing…. most of the ELEMENTS of a movie and the responsibilities of the Director…

I would expect the Best Movie winner and the movie with the best director winning a few of these foundation elements of a movie…

NO, The Shape of Water did not win any of these categories…

If a director is considered the best director and is responsible for directing the actors, shouldn’t those actors, if they are the product of the best director not win the best actor award?  Or said another way, if an actor who wins best actor and is directed by a director, shouldn’t that director be considered the best director?

If the WHOLE is the sum of it’s parts, shouldn’t the best picture be the sum of it’s parts; as well as best director?

So what makes The Shape of Water the best picture or the Director the best director if neither is the…

… SUM of It’s Parts…?

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