My words after Las Vegas shooting on Oct. 3…

And yet another Second Amendment Psycho strikes and kills innocent people…

I wrote the following words after the Las Vegas Shooting on October 3rd and it’s been only a month…

Second Amendment people argue they have a Constitutional guarantee to own guns. It’s MY RIGHT they scream everytime some GUN NUT attacks INNOCENT Americans minding their own business…

… and it happened again… Columbine, Sandy Hook, Orlando Pulse, and so many more… and now Las Vegas…Dead Americans who have a constitutional right to be safe killed by a Second Amendment Psycho…. and the gun lobby spews the SAME OLD Bull$hit….

…. It’s my RIGHT the Second Amendment people scream… 59 dead Americans and 527 wounded who have a right to safety, a right to feel secure in a public group of people.

The next mass shooting will happen sometime in the future. With the weak Gun Laws and regulation we have it is ONLY a matter of time.

The guy up the street from me. The guy up the street from you, or down the street marches off to WAR on innocent Americans with his GUN… it’s gonna’ happen…

… the only question is when, where and how many…

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