Debate Trump’s UNFITNESS not the Video


Why pro wrestling is the perfect metaphor for Donald Trump’s presidency…

I have an issue with the attacks on the person who created the “infamous” CNN Video that Donald Trump retweeted.

I don’t agree with the video BUT… what’s the difference in someone using VIDEO to make a political statement and a cartoonist using his or her drawing skills to make a political statement….

For me the issue isn’t the person that created the video but

The PRESIDENT of the United States tweeted the VIDEO to the WORLD…. his tweet should be the focus of the ISSUE and NOT the video…

I don’t agree with the VIDEO and I don’t agree with the attacks on the person who made his political statement using his or her video editing skills….

I may not agree with your criticism of my politics… but, I will defend to the death your right to do it….

… the criticism should be directed at Mr. Trump’s using the video in a tweet and HOW unPresidential his action is….


I personally thought the editing of the video was cleaver… tacking the CNN logo and tracking it to the video requires some skill… I don’t agree with the message of the person performing the edit but…

THIS is America… we have a Constitution that guarantees freedom of communication (speech)… I will not deny anyone their voice.. I may not agree and will work to challenge that voice and persuade others to my way of thinking…

… now, Mr. Trump TWEETING the Video was a childish juvenile act on his part and needs to be criticized soundly…

… it was reported that the person who made the video has also made racist comments and post.. well, he or she needs to have a conversation with themselves about that aspect of their psyche…. and come clean about what is a moral declaration of existence… I don’t want anyone postulating to me about how I should live my life and I certainly won’t be guilty of doing the same… you are free to be a SCUMBAG if you chose.. or elect a SCUMBAG to the highest office of the land…

…the flags in the photo fly on the front of my house… we all have the right to our opinion even Donald Trump. My job as an American is to persuade you… vote and remove Donald Trump from the White House….



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