Trump Crisis Management


Crisis is ONE operative word (and there are many to chose from) of the Trump Presidency.  It’s been one mis-step after another.  Tweets that suggest that Mr. Trump has no anchor to reality of any kind and he will say anything no matter the consequences.  Internal crisis happen and the occurrence and transformation of these crisis are not under the control of this President until the crisis is manifest.  The crisis’ of Mr. Trump are self made.

Trump’s language during his campaign of hate against many sections of American society and his treatment of Hillary Clinton and women in general alienated 50% of Americans who will never support him on any matter, many Americans pull for his existential failure every day of his failing Presidency.

The New York Times reports recently that the “Trump Team Knew Flynn Was Under Investigation Before He Came to White House.”  And Trump appointed Flynn to the NSA leadership knowing this fact.   Trump admits on video that the reason he fired James Comey was because of the active FBI Russia investigation.  Trump’s tweets and words indicate that Mr. Trump is at the edge of incompetence if not actually incompetent in FACT.  For the first time in my life I hear the untruths, Mr. Trump an American President, spews referred to as LIES. And the LIES are numerous.  Later his defenders must defend the LIES with even more LIES….

Trump fires Sally Yates when she informs Mr. Trump of Mr. Flynn’s many indiscretions and Mr. Trump does nothing about Mr. Flynn… and continues to this day to defend Mr. Flynn.  Mr. Trump hires Mr. Manafort to manage his campaign before firing him later because of the publicity surrounding Mr. Manafort’s connection to Russians.  There are many reports that Mr. Trump is A$$ deep in debt to the Russians because he can no longer get financing from American banks because of all his bankruptcies.

Americans are seeing only the tip of the iceberg of Mr. Trump’s corruption and criminal activities.  Mr. Trump has been tied to many mafia types and to Russian criminal oligarchs.  Mr. Trump sold in 2008, a Florida house, that he purchased in 2004 for 41 million dollars to a Russian oligarch for 95 million Russian Dollars.  And only the release of Trump’s TAX Returns will reveal the actual indebted obligation to Russians.

Many of Mr. Trump’s decisions, choices and appointments have manifested as a crisis for Mr. Trump.  The firing of James Comey, the appointment of Flynn, the tweet about President Obama surveilling him in Trump Tower, comments about the Russian investigation have all been catastrophic for his Presidency and generate a crisis which is not good for America…

… and now Mr. Trump must appoint a new FBI director.   Will Mr. Trump create another crisis for his Presidency and the American people… the odds are good that he will.  The frontrunner for the FBI position is reported to be Joe Lieberman.  The former Democrat and John McCain supporter who currently is associated with the law firm that handles much of the Trump failures in court.  It has also been reported that Mr. Lieberman has ties to a businessman that recruited one of the terrorist that orchestrated the Benghazi raid that killed 4 Americans.

It is a good bet that Mr. Trump will unleash yet another crisis of his own making that will notch yet another failure for the American people.



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