Story-March 6 2017


And Mr. Trump… It’s TAP and not TAPP … Dude … Got Coke, Mr. Trump?

‘We are in crisis’: Morning Joe warns president’s Twitter meltdown has ‘shaken this government to the core’


A deadly serious Joe Scarborough lambasted President Donald Trump on Monday morning over his outrageous accusations that President Barack Obama had his phones tapped at Trump Tower, saying the president’s increasingly erratic behavior has put the country in “crisis.”


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The day Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak mingled with Trump campaign advisers—including then-Sen. Jeff Sessions—at a conference near the Republican National Convention, the Department of Homeland Security began preparing a nationwide warning about foreign intelligence officials attempting to elicit information from U.S. government personnel at conferences, events, and other functions.

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This Is a Fight Against Fascism—Our Resistance Tactics Have to Change
History shows us the only moral way to react to the fascist onset is to disengage.

“There are a lot of killers. What, you think our country’s so innocent?” — Donald J. Trump, Feb. 6, 2017

There continues to be a gross underestimation, even amongst politically aware liberals, of what we are really up against, and how to counter it. Increasingly, our fellow citizens are resorting to the concepts of fascism to describe the current situation, but this is not necessarily followed by any cogent reflection on what the political subject under fascism needs to do. Ordinary liberal prescriptions have no chance of success under a regime that has moved into an overt fascist mode; moreover, the unacknowledged continuities from the recent neoliberal past, which led to the fascist overture in the first place, mar any consistency of thought amongst intellectuals, activists, and ordinary citizens.

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Trump’s Obama gambit: It’s utter nonsense — but not as dumb as it seems…
Can Trump muddy the waters and lure the media into covering the “real scandal”? Don’t assume it won’t work

According to the Washington Post and CNN, President Donald Trump was very, very angry that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself from any further involvement in the ongoing investigations into Russian involvement in the presidential campaign. He was so upset that he banned chief of staff Reince Priebus and senior adviser Steve Bannon from Air Force One and then stormed off fuming that his big, beautiful speech on Tuesday had been overshadowed by yet another “mini-disaster.” A senior White House official told ABC News, “we should have had a good week. We should have had a good weekend. But once again, back to Russia.”



PRESIDENT LOCO is in Putin’s pocket…

Cops kicking the ASS of a 78 year old woman…

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo nails Trump’s wiretap claims: This is like the fire chief pulling the fire alarm…

Co-hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota tried to steer the conversation toward facts that could be proven, rather than speculate about the president’s motives for accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of illegally wiretapping his presidential campaign.


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TBD Republican…Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting…Waiting… Waiting…


FBI Director James Comey asked the Department of Justice to “publicly reject” President Donald Trump’s explosive allegation over the weekend that then-President Barack Obama had ordered a wiretap of Trump’s communications during the presidential campaign, The New York Times reported on Sunday.

Comey said that Trump’s claim, which he tweeted early on Saturday without offering any evidence, “is false and must be corrected,” according to unnamed U.S. officials who spoke with the Times. The Justice Department, led by Trump-nominated Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has not done so yet.


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