Remove the Russian Spy Ship Mr. Trump…


Donald Trump has been elected. Baring some catastrophic event like impeachment, his resignation, or La La Land winning the Academy Award for best picture, will most likely be President for at least 4 years.

So, Mr. Trump… do your job and remove the Russian Spy Ship from the coast of the great State of Connecticut… !

The goal of ALL Americans of good sense should be, in the words of the Turtle, to make certain that Donald Trump has only 4 years to morph American society into a Swamp that Trump and his minions are comfortable with.



Donald Trump is tweeting that if you are anti-Trump then you are anti-American…. yea, well maybe, but at least I’ve not crawled up Vladimir Putin’s Russian ASS…

Salon has an article today titled:


None dare call it treason: As the Flynn scandal widens, let’s consider the evidence that Trump is a traitor

Read: Salon

It’s like a bad reality TV “Lost on the Island” episode that I most likely would use the remote to search for something more palatable to intellectual curiosity, like Gillian’s Island.

Instead of dealing with the real issue, Trump criticizes the leaks… Americans who see information that should be seen by the American People because the information is so unAmerican…. Trump fires Flynn because he isn’t truthful with Trump (not really… Flynn is gone because he got caught…) and then criticizes the Media and the leaks that make certain that Trump get any information, since he doesn’t listen to his advisers…

I’ve not watched News on TV much since the election. But when I have watched the few minutes that I have, it’s painful to watch any American try to defend the actions of Donald Trump. I have to change channels…many times I’m watching with the sound down.. less painful that way.  Donald Trump and his administration have NO credibility with Americans…

The Trump administration over the next 4 years will be one fiasco after another… and ALL we can do is hope that he doesn’t get anyone killed under his watch…

The good news today is we have only 1,433 days left before Americans have an opportunity to rid America of this Cancer…

Trump says the problem isn’t the lying members of his administration but the leakers telling the truth…

The republicans couldn’t find enough alternative facts to lie their way out of the Flynn debacle and what Flynn did was not legal….

It is now obvious that Vlaidimir Putin and the Russian Oligarchy are responsible for the election of Donald Trump..

It’s a sad day in American history when an American President was elected because of Russian influence and even more tragic that Mr. Trump still claims to be the duly elected President…

This is wacky… flip the channel please.


Interview of Peter Alexander:

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