Not us people….

We are a civilized society.  Something many Donald Trump Enablers don’t appreciate, don’t understand…..?
But why stop at waterboarding…..?  Why not chop off a few heads…. we could create a public spectacle…. line up a few “NOT US PEOPLE” and whack, whack, whack…… that would show them….
I know, we could build a few racks….. our technology has advanced since the 14th, 15th century (even though our civilized nature apparently hasn’t) so just imagine what kind of machine we could build to pull and rip bodies apart, stretch them until they scream for mercy, by god we’d get the truth out of them with our 2016 version of the medieval rack… and that sure as hell would show them we mean business….. put that thing out in a public square some place and go to work…..
why the possibilities to torture humans are unlimited for the man of the 21st century…. we only have to be creative and our collective brain power could conceive of some of the most disgusting torture methods ever used by man…
yes sir, that would show them….. torture them until they scream for mercy and tell us what we want to know…..
But I think my favorite would be to locate a hill in some open area.  The hill can’t be too high but must be high enough so the citizens can observe what we are up to….. and in an open area so a crowd would gather…. spread the would be giver of information out and attach him or her to a cross…. you know, drive a large nail into each hand and a large nail into the feet, then stand the cross erect for display, for all to see and let that would be giver of information hang in the hot sun until the culprit gives us the information we want to know….
and by god, that would show them we mean business and you can’t fu*k with us civilized Westerners ’cause we are tough and mean and just as disgusting as any terrorist…..

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