Donald Trump is Captain Queeg and Captain Morton… ALL rolled into ONE…



Joe’s tough message to Republicans

Joe Scabrough talks about the firing of James Comey and warns Republicans, that “the President is subverting the U.S. constitution, ‘If you allow this to go unchecked, you will be swept aside in 2018.”

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The ONE Truth: Trump is LYING…


The White House Is Lying About Comey


That’s one thing we know for sure.

Why did President Trump fire FBI Director James Comey? There is plenty of informed speculation, but we don’t know yet, and the answer will require further investigation. We do know two things: The explanations given by the White House are false, and the evidence points toward friction over the FBI’s Russia investigation.


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The latest Trump interview once again reveals appalling ignorance and dishonesty…


He has no idea what he’s talking about.

Trump bars American Media presence from Trump’s meeting with Russians… But the Russian Media… is OK…

Here Are The Photos
United States Russia
Provided not by American Photographers but by Russian Photographers as the meeting with the central character in the Russian Probe was closed to American Media.



White House press was barred from the meeting between President Trump and Foreign Minister Lavrov. But a Russian news agency was allowed in (they were apparently released by the Russian Foreign Ministry.) Here’s the photos they took. The third man is Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, the whose calls with Mike Flynn led to Flynn’s firing.