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fuhrer trump

The LEADER of the Free World meets with Fuhrer Trump

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The Leader of the Free World Meets Donald Trumpcourtjester

Leader of the Free World meets with the court JESTER Donald Trump..



They survived the Depression. World War II. Korea. Vietnam. Reagan’s trickle down and even George W. Bush and his “compassionate” cuts to basic services. But will our elderly veterans survive without Meals on Wheels in a Trump budget world?


HHS Secretary Tom Price gets destroyed on healthcare by the Today show—pathetic


The good and the bad thing about shows like Today are that they can only handle things in the most simplistic ways possible. In many cases this leads to oversimplified “discussions” about serious and complex issues. However, sometimes this simplicity is exactly what the doctor ordered.



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“Oh, I know that”: President Trump shrugs off the devastating impact repealing Obamacare will have on his base

Trump admits to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that “a lot of things aren’t consistent” with his campaign promises…

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Jerry, just remember… It’s not a LIE… if you believe it…

Donald Trump is the Court Jester… the Republican Clown… the Emperor with no clothes and his supporters have their heads so far up the Jester’s ASS they can’t see that Trump has no  clothes…


“Meals on Wheels serves 500,000 veterans each year. Any cuts to Meals on Wheels funding could cause programs to start waiting lists and cut back on the number of meals served,” said Jenny Bertolette, a spokesperson for Meals on Wheels. “This would no doubt effect veteran recipients in states that use those block grants to support Meals on Wheels.”

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Latest Polls Show Broad Opposition To GOP Obamacare Replacement

Nearly half expect the new health care plan to decrease coverage and increase costs, one survey finds.

A Fox News poll published Wednesday night finds that just 34 percent of registered voters support the GOP’s health care plan, with 54 percent in opposition ― 36 percent oppose because it makes too many changes to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and 11 percent because it makes too few.

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