kansasDemocrats ‘Fired Up and Mobilizing’ After Narrow Kansas Loss

James Thompson’s unexpectedly strong challenge is likely to galvanize Democrats in 2018 midterms, while GOP may have trouble recruiting candidates after tight race


Estes, the Republican state treasurer, won the 4th District U.S. House seat vacated by now-CIA director Mike Pompeo by 53 percent to Democratic opponent and civil rights attorney James Thompson’s 46 percent, a close result in a heavily Republican area that President Donald Trump took by 27 points in November.

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Republicans and Democrats are keeping up a frenetic pace in the highly anticipated Georgia special election with just a week to go.

The investment comes as more election handicappers like Cook Political Report move the race to fill the 6th District seat left vacant by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price from “lean Republican” to the “tossup” category.

The race, which President Trump won by only 1 percentage point, has become a center of Democratic efforts to show evidence of a growing anti-GOP wave.

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President Donald Trump is contemplating a new strategy to get repeal of the Affordable Care Act through Congress: threatening to torpedo insurance for millions of Americans unless Democrats agree to negotiate with him.

It didn’t end at the ballot box: Donald Trump’s biggest supporters now push for a divisive agenda

Brandon Miles, Brandon Partin and Michael Miles cheer before Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign rally at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida

Confederacy boosters, xenophobes and alt-right firebrands are pursuing divisive agendas in their home states…

The story not being told is Mr. Trump is abandoning them… at least with many of his policies..

America First… Trump is flipping on that promise….

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Time to put Trump in Prison…

Investigators now have ‘concrete evidence’ of collusion between Trump camp and Russian govt: source


A source close to the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign and its ties to Russia says that there is now “specific concrete and corroborative evidence” that individuals within Trump’s immediate orbit coordinated with Russian intelligence operatives during the election.

British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia

And while many are wondering at Trump moving toward a more “traditional” Republican position, people seem to not be devoting much time to what that position brought us last time: An economy in free fall and a foreign policy of endless war.



Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Travel Triggers Cost and Ethics Concerns…170206-trump-mar-a-lago-weekend-1047a_621193460ee17c5fcc9da0f717d25232-nbcnews-ux-600-480

But since his January inauguration, President Trump has spent seven of 13 weekends at his Palm Beach, Florida estate. According to NBC News’ estimates by Sunday Trump will have spent 28 percent of his term traveling to or staying at Mar-a-Lago.


War is like a box of Chocolates… or Let them eat CAKE…


Chomsky: Why the Resistance Against Trump Will Continue to Build

“The institutions look powerful but they collapse as soon as the population becomes engaged.”


Two months into Trump’s presidency, Noam Chomsky delivered a Starr Forum lecture at MIT Center for International Studies praising the Bernie Sanders campaign as a model for the resistance movement. For Chomsky, Sanders’ grassroots coalition is the silver lining following a presidential election year of billion-plus-dollar loss.