Fox News Hosts Are Avoiding This One Word When Reporting On Trump

“Fox & Friends” hosts seem awfully hesitant to use this word, which they loved to wield against Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Are a Trump Scandal Now


James Risen: Whistleblower Complaint Shows “Trump Is a Habitual Criminal” Abusing His Office


The whistleblower wrote in his complaint, “According to White House officials I spoke with, this was ‘not the first time’ under this Administration that a Presidential transcript was placed into this codeword-level system solely for the purpose of protecting politically sensitive — rather than national security sensitive — information.”


Seth Meyers Exposes Republicans’ ‘Flailing’ Attempts to Defend Trump Over Ukraine Scandal

“Trump and his allies can’t defend their behavior because there is no defense,” the “Late Night” host said.

Once this Donald Trump fiasco is reduced by history to it’s common denominator, the only conclusion that can be reached is that 60 million Americans simply fucked up!

Does the following sound familiar?

The key reason to support Hitler and the Nazi regime was Hitler himself. Aided greatly by propaganda genius Goebbels, Hitler was able to present an image of himself as a superhuman, even god-like figure. He wasn’t portrayed as a politician, as Germany had had enough of them.  Instead, he was seen as above politics. He was all things to a lot of people – although a set of minorities soon found that Hitler, beyond not caring about their support, wanted to persecute, even exterminate them instead – and by changing his message to suit different audiences, but stressing himself as the leader at the top, he began to bind the support of disparate groups together, building enough to rule, modify, and then doom Germany. Hitler wasn’t seen as a socialist, a monarchist, a Democrat, like many rivals. Instead, he was portrayed and accepted as being Germany itself, the one man who’d cut across the many sources of anger and discontent in Germany and cure them all.


US manufacturing index sinks to decade low

and it’s everyone’s fault but the Donnie…The data — in which respondents cited the U.S. China trade war as the overriding factor behind depressed hiring and business activity… and the fact is: xxd

it’s the Donnie’s STUPID Tariff BS…

There’s lots of Trump scandal news — but one clear scandal…

Don’t get confused: This is about Trump co-opting the powers of the presidency for personal gain.


President Trump has turned American foreign policy into an extortion racket, abusing his powers to goad foreign leaders into persecuting his domestic rivals and improve his political standing. The proof for this in the case of Ukraine is irrefutable. The other news stories are supporting evidence that Trump has systematically twisted US foreign policy into a tool for furthering his 2020 reelection bid.

The State Department inspector general is expected to meet with staff from multiple congressional committees on Wednesday and brief them on documents related to the Trump administration’s dealings with Ukraine, according to multiple reports.

the hill

State Department inspector general requests urgent briefing on Ukraine with congressional staff…


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