Don’t lose sight of the “controlling Idea” of the Sharpie Story

The IDEA, the general notion, the concept and the IMAGE that should be firmly planted in your mind of what the take away is from the story of Trump taking a SHARPIE and extending the area of the possible path of Hurricane Dorian IS Trump simply can’t be TRUSTED to do what is in the best interest of AMERICA and the American people.

The President of the United States of America, YOUR PRESIDENT, after either making a simple mistake or simply adding to the estimated 12,000 lies he has already told to the American People with another lie to cover up his stupid mistake by taking a Black Sharpie and extending the cone of the path of Hurricane Dorian into Alabama by drawing an area into
Alabama on a weather map he was using while discussing the Hurricane with the homeland security secretary.

If not for the serious nature of Your President taking Sharpie and falsifying an official government document in an attempt to FOOL the America people, his action like so many other of his actions would be comical.

There are for me, TWO things that are important to mull over. First that YOUR PRESIDENT has absolutely NO conviction to be honest while talking to the American people about the potential danger any state might be exposed to from a Hurricane, and then extends the HOAX for many more days with his lies. And the second is he thinks that the American People are simply so stupid that he can CON and manipulate with his HOAX and lies. If there were a third , it might be that there are millions of Americans who can be conned because they are simply stupid, poorly educated, uninformed or simply don’t care that he is a con man and pulls these cons on them.

Late Night Hosts Roast Donald Trump’s Sharpie-Altered Hurricane Map

After the president inaccurately tweeted that Alabama would likely be hit by the storm, he appeared to have doctored a map to reflect that the state would face Dorian’s wrath, thus making it appear he was correct.

Huff Post


Trump threatened someone with their JOB and NOAA CAVED! Really sad that Science caves to Trump bullshit.

Former top officials of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are assailing the agency for undermining its weather forecasters as it defends President Donald Trump’s statement from days ago that Hurricane Dorian threatened Alabama.

They say NOAA’s action risks the credibility of the nation’s weather and science agency and may even risk lives.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Friday disavowed a tweet from the National Weather Service’s Birmingham, Alabama, office that had contradicted President Donald Trump’s false assertion that Hurricane Dorian was likely to hit the state.In a statement attributed to an unnamed NOAA spokesperson, the agency said Trump had been given information from August 28 until Monday that Dorian could impact Alabama.


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