Texas Republicans love their guns — and simply don’t care about the body count

After the latest mass shooting, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has nothing to offer but empty words — and looser gun laws

In the span of three years, there have been at leastsix major mass shootings in Texas. Eighty-one people have died in these incidents. Nearly 100 people were injured, some in ways that are debilitating. I don’t live in Texas any longer, but these attacks feel personal all the same: The El Paso shooting happened in the neighborhood where I grew up, and my mother’s family lives in the area where the latest West Texas shooting took place. People are understandably terrified by these random crimes that end the lives of people who were simply out shopping or in church or out for the day with their families, but unfortunately, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has nothing but empty words to offer to the public.


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