Who knows where the time goes…

On Tuesday July 21st, I achieve a milestone that anyone is fortunate to achieve.  I celebrate my 65th birthday and retirement is just around the bend, the light that is at the end of the tunnel for all of us is now a reality for me…

In my 65 years I’ve attained the status of everyman.  Where’s Waldo and Kilroy Was Here…. but no extraordinary circumstances.

… I’ve written NO Novels with large $$ advancements or for the record, nothing that has ever been printed. I’m responsible for NO photographs that captures the imagination and earns me a retirement nest egg. No paintings or other art work that garnered me a big payday.

My approaching 65th birthday makes me reflect on events of my life. Who knows where the time goes…? I recall a CD by Nanci Griffith with this song and dig through my collection of CD’s. I have 10 or 12 of her CD’s. Nanci and I have grown old together, I know this but she doesn’t. The disconnect in being an Everyman. I know about other people, but they know nothing about me.

My collection of music is now digitized and I rarely listen to a CD. I have a collection of about 300 CD’s, about 100 music cassette tapes and 150 vinyl albums that have been stored for years. I no longer own a functional turntable to play the albums on. And I don’t really like the scratches anyway.

I inserted a CD into the CD player of my 2009 Honda Civic in July, 2009 (an anthology of Jackson Browne music), the week I bought the car and the same CD is still in the CD player of the Civic.

When I can find nothing to listen to on the local Public Broadcasting station, I cycle to the CD player and listen to Jackson Browne. I also have a Zune attached to the radio system with USB that I can listen to (I now own an Ipod also).

I locate the Nanci Griffith CD and read the credits on the back. It’s definitely the CD. I take the CD to my computer and insert into the CD player and listen to the song. So as I often do, I google the song and discover that Sandy Denny wrote the song. I’ve never heard of Sandy Denny so I google Sandy Denny.


One of my favorites from Nanci…

Sandy Denny is a fellow time traveler. Born in 1947. She would be 68 now, except for an unfortunate accident in 1978. I don’t think Sandy would qualify as an ‘everyman (woman)’. Even though I didn’t know her historical significance, my not knowing should not diminish her importance to history. I am able to locate a youtube video and listen to her sing and realize the loss is mine.

So instead of sharing Nanci or Judy Collins, and each does a fine job, I will share Sandy who wrote the song.

This video is Lyle Lovett and Nancy Griffith at a barbque in Texas in the early ’70s….
… probably as early a video as I’ve seen…
But I’m still left with the question: ‘Who knows where the time goes?’

Or maybe the question I should ask is, what consumed all my time?

A question I might pursue in a future post…

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