Rainbow lights at the White House…

This week gay Americans were boosted to the status of full citizen.  The Supreme court ruled that gay Americans can marry their significant other in ALL 50 states.  And in the same week a black American patriot climbed a flag pole in South Carolina and removed the Confederate flag, declaring:

“This flag comes down today.”


I had a conversation with a black friend at work.  He is having a difficult time wrapping his head around the FACT that gay Americans now have the Constitutional right to marry their partner in all 50 states.

“Marriage is a religious activity and shouldn’t be desecrated by same sex marriage,” he says.  “My religion teaches me that homosexuality is a sin and the sin of homosexuality shouldn’t be accepted by a Christian and to do so is a sin that I don’t want to be guilty of.”

“It’s a moral decision to rebuke the supreme court decision.  It’s a sin to be homosexual.  And you want me to give my stamp of approval to this sin, you force me to participate in this sinful behavior by selling flowers for the wedding ceremony.”

“What about my religious liberty not to participate?” he ask.  “I think it’s wrong, the wedding ceremony and being forced to participate.”

“Religion,” I say.  “Religion drives people to many extremes.  I’m not religious and I have no problem with gay marriage, so what does that tell you?  The issue isn’t same sex marriage, but religion.”

“And now we are going to have public displays of affection, a man holding another man’s hand.  And god forbid, another man kissing another man in public,” he says as he walks away.  “How do I explain that to my kids?”


Religion spawns ISIS.  Religion spawns most of the conflicts in the middle east.  Most of the conflicts on the planet that are worth mentioning.  Without religion, the planet would be a much better place.  It ain’t the atheist that are causing the problems most inhabitants of the planet earth face.

Same sex marriage isn’t an issue without religion, so challenge your religion  Be critical of all you have been told and believe.

I heard Van Jones on CNN discuss his marriage to a white woman and how his marriage would have been an illegal marriage without a decision of the supreme court.

‘The case was brought by Mildred Loving, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man, who had been sentenced to a year in prison in Virginia for marrying each other.’

source… wikipedia

And tonight Tyne Daly discussed her marriage of 45 years to a black man which was not legal in 17 states.

“On the 26th of June, 1966 I got married. That’s 49 years ago. [To a man with] black hair and he had black skin, and our marriage was against the law in the United States of America in 17 states. The following year in a case wonderfully called Loving vs. Virginia, took down those miscegenation laws.”

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