Do what Religion tells you and not what is right…

President Obama spoke at the annual Prayer Breakfast and spoke truth.  American Christians ain’t been true Christians ever, well almost ever.  Slavery was sustained by good Christian folk who justified the barbaric act with biblical scripture.  The question Christians have to answer is simply this:  would Jesus behave like “Christians” behave today?  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Religion has a way of enveloping moral choices into absolutes.  I do what religion tells me and not what is right.  A bumper sticker i saw recently said: Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told and religion is doing what you are told no matter what is right.  Anytime we encapsulate what we do with religious absolutes, we are in deep do do….

… and deep Christians stopped being Christian sometime around 50 AD.. and the first step is always admitting there is a problem and the first reaction is denial… so the question is simply this:  what does it mean to be Christian?  And are good folk who think they are Christian really what they think there are?  I know a few Christians and these good Christian folk think a Sunday well spent is firing a few rounds at the local gun range.

The major problem of religion is the absolute nature.  There is no room for human judgement.  You do what you are told.  You don’t question the word of God. No matter that the word of God is actually the word of some human.  No matter the word of God is absolutely wrong and the basic opposite of what is right.  We see this play out each day in  news stories and on the internet.  One of the major players in the Republican Party said we should change the ‘Constitution to match God’s word and not the other way around.’  This is very dangerous.

Fortunately in America as well as most western countries we have throttled Religion to it’s appropriate perspective.  But there are some in America who want you to do what God tells you, without question. And here’s the thing, as long as there are politicians like Mike Huckabee roaming loose in American, Americans of good conscience must remain vigilant….

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